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Jahkil Jackson: A Young Philanthropist Making a Big Difference

In a world where many people overlook the issues of homelessness, there are remarkable individuals who refuse to turn a blind eye. One such individual is Jahkil Jackson, who, at the age of eight, decided to take matters into his own hands. Recognizing the plight of the homeless and determined to make a difference, Jackson founded Project I Am, a nonprofit organization that has since raised $400,000 and provided toiletry "blessing bags" to those in need in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Jakil Jackson, youth helping the homeless in Chicago and beyond with his 'Project I Am'

Jackson's journey as a philanthropist began in 2016 when he visited a homeless shelter in Chicago where he witnessed the harsh realities faced by the unhoused population. The experience had a profound impact on him, igniting a passion to help and inspire change. Jackson realized that he could use his voice and actions to make a difference, even as a child.

Said Jahkil to MY HERO, when asked for what advice he would give other young people, he said: "Don't Wait To Be Great! Us young people do not have to wait until we are adults to start our own businesses or become change-makers because we can do it RIGHT NOW."

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