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Discover lesson plans filled with rich multimedia resources to enrich learning for a wide range of subjects and age groups in the MY HERO Teachers' Room.

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MY HERO International Film Festival Invites Filmmakers and Artists to Submit Inspiring Short Films

Professional filmmakers, emerging artists, and students of all ages are cordially invited to participate in the MY HERO International Film Festival by submitting their inspiring short films. The festival celebrates the power of storytelling through film and seeks to showcase outstanding works that captivate, inform, and inspire audiences worldwide.

Filmmakers can submit their entries in various categories, including Narrative, Documentary, Music Videos, Animation, Experimental, Trailers, Features in Development, VR (Virtual Reality), Spoken Word, and PSAs (Public Service Announcements). The festival recognizes talent across different age groups, from Elementary, Middle, High School, College, to Professional divisions.

In addition to the diverse categories, the MY HERO International Film Festival presents a range of prestigious awards, including the Sylvia Earle Ocean Award, Dan Eldon Activist Award, Ron Kovic Peace Prize, Mattie Stepanek Poetic Film Prize, Women Transforming Media Award, Relationship's First Award, Immersive Storytelling Award, WOJ Youth Reporter Award, Unsung Hero Song Contest, and more. These awards acknowledge outstanding contributions and excellence in filmmaking within specific themes and areas of focus.

Previous award-winning films from the MY HERO International Film Festival have served as a source of inspiration for audiences worldwide. These films capture the essence of heroism, resilience, social change, and transformative experiences that have the power to impact individuals and communities.

Students are encouraged to submit their films free of charge by contacting to obtain a submission code. This initiative aims to foster young talent and provide a platform for students to showcase their creative vision and storytelling abilities.

For more information on submitting films, sponsorship opportunities, and to explore previous award-winning works, please visit



Thanks for submitting!


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