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Selket Kaufman: A Hero and Voice for Nature

Growing up in both Central America and California, Selket Kaufman grew to have a worldly view of the environment and to see the beauty of the natural elements around us. Not only does she have a passion for nature conservation, but she’s also a talented filmmaker and storyteller. In 2023, Selket’s film, Ocean Guardians, was selected as one of the finalists for MY HERO Project’s Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award. Her film focuses on Pacific Whale Foundation's efforts to research and protect the humpback whales that migrate annually between Alaska to Hawaii.

Selket Kaufman Ocean Conseravation Film Maker and Award Winner

Selket carries an immense passion for nature and through her travels, she’s had her eyes opened up to not only the environment but also the cultures around them. In her documentaries, she captures the entirety of natural life including the wildlife, Aboriginal tribes, and cultures of the land.

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