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Ukraine rebuilds: Schools, roofs, water, lights – and citizens

Updated: May 23, 2023

Not far from the active front line of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas, within earshot of artillery duels between Russian and Ukrainian forces, a school building shows little outward sign of life.

But inside, a single classroom has been lit, heated with two stoves, connected to the internet, and hung with bright and hopeful accoutrements of learning.

It’s an unexpected sanctuary for students who made it through five months of Russian occupation, and it’s one kernel of what Ukrainian officials in the town of Lyman hope will become part of a newly reinforced post-war patriotism.

A teacher oversees several primary-age students writing in their notebooks, while several high schoolers follow online classes of the Ukrainian curriculum, using laptop screens to connect with fellow students and teachers who are spread across Ukraine and Europe.

Ukraine rebuilds: Schools, roofs, water, lights and citizens

Image courtesy of Scott Peterson/Getty Images and The Christian Science Monitor

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